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Most Pringles in North America are descendants of either:

  • Robert Pringle of Charlston S.C., who was a younger son of the Pringles of Symington, or,
  • William Pringle of New Haven, Connecticut. Most of his descendants changed their name to Prindle. The Prindle genealogy.

Some Pringles that emigrated to Ontario in the late 19th century, can be traced back to the Pringles of Buckholm in Scotland.


On 6th October 2013 the Board of Trustees of the Clan Pringle Association co-opted William Leon Pringle III, as a Trustee and as a North America Representative of the Clan Pringle Association. He can be contacted via the following email address:



The CPANA have established an Executive Team to direct activities and plan future gatherings:

  • Bill Pringle (Michigan, USA).
  • Derek Pringle (Virginia, USA),
  • Bob Pringle Schneider (Pennsylvania, USA),
  • Garry Pringle (Toronto, ON, Canada),
  • James O Pringle.


CPANA future events:

The CPANA plan to have a Pringle 'Gathering' for North America every two years. The CPANA have not recently due to Covid19 , but had a Zoom Clan Gathering on 7th November 2020.

For detailed information on future events, please contact Derek Pringle:

Derek Pringle Email


Facebook Group: Clan Pringle Association of North America


The 'GATHERING of PRINGLES' event was held Oct. 19-21, 2018 at Niagara Falls, NY. Some of those attending are seen in the photos here. We had a good representation from various parts of the country, with a few from Canada and a couple visiting from New Zealand. As you can see some wore traditional Scottish attire reminding us of the Pringle roots in Scotland's 'southern borders'. Arranged around the meeting room for the Gathering was Pringle family memorabilia, family tree posters, banners, etc. setting the scene for this special Pringle celebration. In our agenda we had a photographic tour of ancient Pringle related sites, we explored our history and various family branch lines, had discussions with our Clan Chief, Sir Murray Pringle, examined connections in our family trees, and spent time learning how to improve our skills in ancestry research. Throughout the weekend we had much fun together as we got to meet one another, as the family motto puts it "Friendship reflects honors".


Clan Gathering 2016 - The CPANA held a “Gathering of Pringles” on October 22-23, 2016 in New Haven, Connecticut. It was an informal gathering focusing primarily on Prindle/Pringle genealogy. Pictures can be seen above.

Non-Profit Status - The Clan Pringle Association in North America has been set up as a ‘non-profit corporation’ as of February 2015.  The registered tax ID number is: 47-3196935.  The official address (in North America) is:
Clan Pringle Association North America
6538 140th Avenue
Holland, MI  49423

Highland Games -   The Clan Pringle Association in North America participated in the Alma Highland Festival and Games in Alma, Michigan, and also the St. Andrew’s Society of Detroit Highland Games. Bill and Billy Pringle attended the 167th Annual St. Andrews Society of Detroit Highland Games on 6-7th August 2016:

Magazines - In 2016 advertisements were placed in the clans sections of the Scottish Banner and Scottish Life Magazines, in order to attract new membership. The advert looked like this:

CPA NA Advert


Please visit our genealogical message boards:
Ancestry.com: Pringle - Family History & Genealogy Message Board
Ancestry.com: Prindle - Family History & Genealogy Board

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Facebook Group: Pringle Heritage Preservation Society
Facebook Group: Clan Pringle Association of North America


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